A little place called Dinard

Enjoying the spring

Dinard is known as the “Cannes of the North” and is popular for being the British sea resort on the Côte d’Émeraude in Bretagne, France.
Mild weather, beautiful sandy beaches, and one big casino are just a few of the things that can entertain you in this charming little town. (Ladies, there’s even an exclusive sea water therapy center here.)
It’s a quick drive from Saint Malo and a lovely place to spend the afternoon. You can take a stroll along the beach, play some pétanque, and enjoy an ice cream in the sun.
Life is good in beautiful Bretagne.

Finished for the day

Stroller in the sand. Rain in the distance.

Ready. Set.

Rainboots Graffiti


Instant Gratification


There’s nothing quite like pressing down on the shutter, pushing a button, and having a photo magically appear right before your eyes. In my opinion, something the digital era is missing out on. Yeah, you can view your photos on the screen, but it’s not the same as holding it in your hand. These photos are one of a kind, and that makes them a little magical to me.

Nico Behind Beads

In the Garden


Sand Shadows

Front Left

*All photos taken with Diana F+ using Instant Back with Fuji Film.

Happy Easter, Paques, and Semana Santa!

Semana Santa by Bree Sage
Semana Santa, a photo by Bree Sage on Flickr.
This time last year I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks backpacking across Spain and witnessing their Semana Santa celebrations. If you ever get the opportunity to go, I would suggest it! The people are so friendly, the costumes are intriguing, and the floats are elaborate and beautiful!

Is He Gay? … Or Just French?

The first time I came to Paris in the winter of 2009, I did a four-month study abroad program. (AKA partying as much as possible while studying as little as possible.) It was then that I met my soul mate, a handsome young man from Baltimore.
We fell madly in love… the kind of love that is strictly platonic because, well, he’s gay.

Jason and I were inseparable. If there was one thing we were good at, it was checking out French men. Jason loved their long delicate hands while I was more into their gorgeous curly hair.  Everyday on the metro, in the streets, and at the bars we were lusting over this beautiful male species. However, there was one thing that we weren’t used to. The fashion. In America, mens suits tend to fit more like cardboard boxes instead of the sexy tailored look that they have going on here. Also in America, it’s rare to see men wearing button up shirts and showing a bit of chest.. unless of course they’re gay.
Jason and I were confused.  We didn’t know which guys I should be going for and which guys he should be going for.

Now introducing the “IS HE GAY OR JUST FRENCH” game! Continue reading