Ever wondered what a costume party in France is like?

If yes, then that makes two of us. Lucky for me I was able to participate in a Cinema themed birthday party first hand… and I’ve got to say it wasn’t so different than parties that I’ve been to in America – except that there were a lot of people dressed like Jews. (Something to do with a French cult classic film that I’m yet to see.)

Here are some photos from the night, taken with my Diana F+ Instant Back.

There’s that sexy Morticia and Gomez from the Addams Family. duh-duh-duh-dun.*snap snap*

Batman out fighting crime in the countryside of France.

The Caen Crew is Sold Seperately: Gomez Addams, Laura Croft, Zorro, Batman & Mr. Incredible

Zorro vs Mr. Incredible

Charlie Chaplin meets Batman.

The Jews

Myself as Poison Ivy with my nemesis Batman.